Pain In The Teeth Is Pointed So Badly On The Inner Lips?

Illustration of Pain In The Teeth Is Pointed So Badly On The Inner Lips?
Illustration: Pain In The Teeth Is Pointed So Badly On The Inner Lips?

Hello, my upper left molar is crooked and it is causing a discomfort on the inner lip. sometimes when you eat it hurts ..

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Teething can occur because the teething space is not enough for new teeth to grow. This causes the tooth to grow on the front or back of another row of teeth, causing the tooth to become uneven. In most cases, teeth teeth do not give any specific symptoms or disorders, but in some people, teeth teeth can cause several problems in the mouth and teeth, including:

There is often canker sores on the lips that are attached to the teeth that are hard to clean so that holes are easy to form and there is easy infection of the teeth due to tooth impaction or other dental growth problems, the occurrence of malocclusion of the teeth (the upper and lower teeth cannot join properly) causing disturbances chewing and speech disorders

To overcome this, your teeth need to be treated. The treatment for edged teeth is to install braces / stirrups to create space in your gums so that the teeth are pushed in so that they are flush with the other teeth. For the installation of braces, you can consult directly with the dentist. Sometimes it is necessary to extract a tooth to provide enough space for the tooth to fit in and flatten with the other tooth.

the following articles that you can read related to your teeth

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