Pain In The Testicles Before And After Ejaculation?

Illustration of Pain In The Testicles Before And After Ejaculation?
Illustration: Pain In The Testicles Before And After Ejaculation?

Good night, I want to ask and now I feel pain and pain in the testicles and the stomach above the penis, from this morning I feel lust / horny want to have sex, but I’m still single and I don’t want to masturbate, from this morning until sunset every hour my penis is erect and if it’s like that usually I immediately masturbate and the business is over, but now I try not to masturbate but when my lust is gone and I can’t get an erection, it hurts, why is that? Even though other people get sick when I masturbate often but I get sick if I don’t masturbate. Please answer because at this time I still feel confused and just lie down

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Hi Maulana,

Thank you for asking

When aroused sexually, whether through visual, auditory, tactile, or other stimuli, a man can experience an erection. This erection occurs when the blood supply to the penis area increases dramatically, accompanied by stimulation of the surrounding nerves which causes the penis to enlarge, lengthen, and tighten. This condition should appear without the annoying pain you feel.

If there is pain, either before or after an erection, then this condition can indicate the following reasons:

Peyronie's disease (the formation of scar tissue on the skin around the penis that causes the penis to be pulled and painful, usually triggered by a history of trauma or other inflammation around the penis)
Epididymal hypertension (blue balls, this condition is usually experienced by a man who experiences prolonged and repeated erections without ejaculation, usually the complaints will disappear within a few hours)

Priapismus (prolonged and continuous erection due to blood stagnating in the penis and unable to flow out, or also due to too much blood flowing into the penis)

Balanitis, balanoposthitis (inflammation of the head of the penis and / or the foreskin covering it)

Infection or stones in the urinary tract
Spermatocele, hydrocele
Testicular torsion
Infections of the skin around the penis, for example due to herpes zoster, cutaneous candidiasis, genital herpes
Prostatitis, and so on

Your previous habit of masturbating can make this condition worse. Because, by getting used to masturbating, your brain will be stimulated to keep doing it again and again, until you feel restless, uncomfortable, and can't concentrate when you don't do it.

By consistently ending the habit of masturbating, then indirectly, the disturbances in your penis will slowly improve. The pain you are experiencing at this time could be part of your adaptation when you are no longer indulging in masturbation.

You can do the following steps first:

Continue to stop the habit of masturbating
Divert everything that can stimulate your erection, including for example by not watching porn, not thinking about sexual things before marriage, getting along with a good environment
Keep yourself busy with positive activities, including sports, worship, work
If there is pain around the penis, take paracetamol while compressing the painful penis with cold water
Do not massage the penis or testicles excessively
Wear clean clothes, not tight
Always keep your penis clean

If the complaint still does not improve with the above efforts, do not hesitate to go to a doctor or urological surgeon to get the best treatment.

I hope this helps.

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