Pain In The Thigh After A Fracture 10 Years Ago?

Illustration of Pain In The Thigh After A Fracture 10 Years Ago?
Illustration: Pain In The Thigh After A Fracture 10 Years Ago?

Hello doctor … I broke a bone in my thigh a long time ago 10 years ago and the condition of the bone in my thigh is now connected to not ride and for 10 years I often feel pain in the thigh usually 4/5 days the pain can go away by itself but for now I have been in pain for two weeks now … can it be cured or is it true that I have to continue to experience pain in the thighs every time I walk too much … ???? Thank you before I wait for the answer

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There is a history of fractures that you have experienced about 10 years, and bone grafting does not overlap directly on the bone, possibly caused by the treatment and treatment of fractures that are less than optimal. If you currently feel a complaint of pain in your thigh area, then this condition may be triggered by the recovery process of a fracture that is not good, causing side effects like you are feeling right now. The existence of a sharp tip of a bone fracture or the existence of bone friction with the surrounding tissue or a problem that occurs in the area of ​​your fracture, the possibility of causing these pain complaints to bother you. However, this needs to be confirmed directly by your doctor, with a medical examination and evaluation.

Some other conditions can also trigger complaints of the same pain in your thigh area, such as:

1. muscle tension

2. muscle injury

3. infection or inflammation

4. nerve irritation

It is better if you consult directly with your neurologist, this is necessary to find out the cause of the pain you are feeling and to find out the condition of your broken bone recovery beforehand, so that the doctor can carry out direct examinations and other necessary investigations such as radiological examinations on the area of ​​pain. The results of the examination will help the doctor know the cause of pain, and assist the doctor in providing care and treatment for you. Thus, it can be ascertained, whether you will continue to experience pain complaints like this or complaints of pain can be minimized by direct treatment by your orthopedic doctor. If this condition can be corrected properly by your doctor, it is expected that your motion function is better and complaints of pain can be controlled.

Some of the independent businesses that you can do right now can be:

1. avoid physical fatigue

2. avoid sleeping late

3. Avoid cigarettes when smoking

4. avoid the burden that rests on your leg area

Thus the info we can convey.

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