Pain In The Thigh To The Calf.?

Illustration of Pain In The Thigh To The Calf.?
Illustration: Pain In The Thigh To The Calf.?

, my name is Ilham, I am 13 years old kls 7, today I have a disruption in the left leg, the feeling of my feet is very painful from the thigh to the calf, until I can’t walk or stand, if like this how do I throw big water and also I want to be treated by parents but I am very difficult to walk, how is the treatment? This symptom appeared a long time ago about 2 weeks ago, but only now the pain is very terrible. Thank you

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First of all, of course you need to find out in advance the cause of the pain in your feet. Pain in the thigh to the calf can be caused by several possibilities:

muscle disorders, for example muscle injuries after exercise or muscle injuries after an accident, muscle infections, muscle tissue death (rabdomiolisis), tumors in muscles
bone disorders, such as fractures / fractures / cracks in the bone, infection of the bone, tumors in the bone
disorders of the innervation, for example due to problems in the spine (broken / fractured in the spine, pinching nerves from the spine)
Other disorders, such as blockages in blood vessels in the legs (can be from arteries or veins), infection of the inner skin layer in the leg area

To be able to know the exact cause, of course you have to undergo a direct examination first. We recommend that you ask your parents to take you to a pediatrician so that you can do a direct examination. To reduce pain temporarily, you can take painkillers such as paracetamol (according to the dosage listed on the package), compress the area of ​​pain with warm or cold compresses, and support your feet when walking (for example using a stick) so that weight does not rest on the feet sick.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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