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morning, it’s been 5 days my tongue hurts like it was exposed to hot water. But I never drink or eat hot food. then my tongue is yellowish white, there are small bumps and blisters on their own and I can’t taste the salty taste. is it dangerous? thnx ksh

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Hi Isni,

The onset of pain in the tongue can be caused by the following things:

Irritation of the tongue (glossitis) due to physical trauma, infection, exposure to chemicals or consumption of food that is too hot
Experiencing thrush on the tongue

Burning mouth syndrome (burning mouth syndrome). It is an idiopathic condition (unknown cause) which is characterized by a burning sensation in the mucous membranes of the mouth, especially the tongue
Nervous disorders, vitamin B12 deficiency
Due to acid reflux disease

Psychological conditions such as psychosomatic illness


The condition of your tongue that cannot taste salty taste may be caused by a nerve disorder or due to inflammation of the tongue. Because the complaints you are experiencing are very disturbing, you should check yourself with a doctor or dentist. The doctor will ask for a history of your complaints, perform a physical examination or investigations to determine the cause of the complaint.

If the complaint is caused by burning mouth syndrome, the doctor's treatment generally only aims to reduce the complaints that arise. If the complaint is caused by a nervous disorder, the doctor can prescribe a nerve vitamin such as vitamin B6 or B12 to treat the complaint.

Here are suggestions for you:

Do a healthy lifestyle
Avoid consuming foods that are too hot or too cold
Make sure you get adequate daily fluid intake
Immediately consult a doctor if the complaint persists or worsens

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Don't forget tongue health

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