Pain In The Upper Right Abdomen From The Stitches Of The Appendix?

Illustration of Pain In The Upper Right Abdomen From The Stitches Of The Appendix?
Illustration: Pain In The Upper Right Abdomen From The Stitches Of The Appendix?

Good morning. I want to ask. 2 weeks ago my mom had an appendectomy. He should have been under control at the hospital on the 14th. But, he has not had time to control. This morning, he felt pain in the upper part of the right abdomen above the surgical suture. The taste sore, he said. How is that?

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Hello AULIA,

Thank you for the question.

Post operative appendicitis control is needed so that the wound condition can be evaluated, whether it has healed completely, or whether certain complications occur, such as bleeding, secondary infections, and so on. In this control, a comprehensive evaluation can also be carried out regarding the health status of the patient, the complaints experienced, as well as the further handling needed to resolve the complaint. So, if your mother really is recommended to control at a certain schedule, then take the time between her busy schedule to undergo control according to the doctor's advice.

The pain that your mother feels around the former appendix surgery can naturally occur because part of the postoperative inflammation process is not fully healed. But it could also, this pain indicates the presence of irritation or secondary infection in the former operation that requires further treatment. Disorders of other organ systems, such as the urinary tract, muscles, nerves, etc., can also trigger this pain.

You need to see your mother immediately to the doctor or surgeon who operated on her so that her condition can be treated further. Meanwhile, the pain can be relieved first by:

 Warm compresses on painful areas Make sure that your mother's body is always properly maintained, especially in the abdominal area around the former operation. Do not carelessly give medication, massage, or excessive rubbing on the area around the former operation. Always wear loose and soft clothing material. Eat and drink regularly. Hope it helps.

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