Pain In The Waist After A Cesarean Section?

Illustration of Pain In The Waist After A Cesarean Section?
Illustration: Pain In The Waist After A Cesarean Section?

Good afternoon, my wife often experience pain in the waist after a cesarean section, what is it usually caused by ?, and how to overcome it ..

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Several conditions can cause low back pain and these complaints are often felt by everyone with different pain intensities. Pain in the waist is pain that is felt in any part of the lumbar bone that is felt around the lumbar bone, which can involve structures such as speeding, muscle, nerve and so on with the intensity of mild to severe pain.

Low back pain that occurs after a caesarean section can also occur due to muscle activity that is not perfect after a break during the recovery period. Usually a woman's post-operative Caesarean takes several days to rest. In addition, the effects of back anesthesia can also cause low back pain in some people.

But the low back pain that you experience can also be caused by other causes. Low back pain that is felt for days is also called acute low back pain, chronic back pain that is low back pain that can be felt for months. Various types of causes of low back pain in general, namely:

Injury, which results in pain in the muscles such as chelma due to pressure on the tendons or muscles such as slipping, sitting incorrectly, lifting heavy loads, or stretching excess muscles
Sciatica, occurs when there is pressure or irritation in the nerves of the skiati that radiate through the back, pelvis, buttocks, to toe
Radiculopathy, spinal pain caused by spinal cord compression
Changes in spinal structure mislanyaskoliosis, kyphosis, and lordosis are some examples of triggers for changes in bone structure.
Pelvic inflammatory infection

If your wife has low back pain after a cesarean section, you should consult a doctor to first remove a serious problem. The doctor will do a direct examination and some tests if necessary to determine the cause of pain that occurs in your wife.

To deal with pain, it will depend on the cause, some variants can be done to reduce the pain, such as:

Taking pain medication, but this drug needs to be considered because in mothers who breastfeed the drug can affect breast milk
Using a cream or medication by the pain to reduce pain
Doing relaxation
Compress the painful part with a cold towel

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