Pain In The Waist And Left Leg And Easily Tired?

Illustration of Pain In The Waist And Left Leg And Easily Tired?
Illustration: Pain In The Waist And Left Leg And Easily Tired?

At night, I want to ask why this end “I often feel pain. The first pain in the waist. Then healed then now pain in the left leg that has not healed” already 3 days. Then I also often feel tired easily. What symptoms did I experience this? I am afraid if I have a bad disease because after seeing the symptoms in Google, especially when I am still 18 years old. Please respond. Thank you …

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Hal Maryana,

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Pain is a feeling or sensation that feels uncomfortable. Pain can occur in various parts of the body and is usually a manifestation of an inflammation that occurs.

Pain in the waist can occur due to:

 Disorders of the spinal cord such as inflammation of the spine, pinched nerves (HNP), trauma to the spine, spinal deformities, and so on. Disorders of other organs that manage the waist such as kidney stones, kidney infections, pelvic inflammation (PID), appendicitis, etc. Pain in the legs can occur due to the spread of pain from the waist due to the spread of nerves j, but can also be caused by various possibilities others like:

 Cellulitis Leg muscle cramps Dislocation of the feet Broken leg bones Arthritis Gout Peripheral Neuropathy, etc. To determine the exact cause of each complaint that you feel of course you have to do a complete physical examination and other supporting examinations that support such as blood tests, X-rays, ultrasound , etc.

For now you can do:

 Rest the painful part of the body Compress with warm water Limit movement of the painful body part Consumption of pain relievers such as paracetamol If the pain complaints are felt to be permanent and heavy, such as being unable to move or walking immediately to the doctor for further examination and management.

So, hopefully useful.

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