Pain In The Waist And Lower Left Abdomen?

Illustration of Pain In The Waist And Lower Left Abdomen?
Illustration: Pain In The Waist And Lower Left Abdomen?

Good night, I want to ask a few days ago my waist aches I think normal pain, but the longer the pain increases in the lower left abdomen. Why do you think this is the case, and for which medicine? Thank you

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Hello Rico, thank you for asking

Stomach pain can be caused by many possibilities, the location of abdominal pain can also provide a more specific cause for the possibility. And upper left and lower left abdominal pain can also provide different possible causes, or can be the same cause.

Here are various possible causes of lower left abdominal pain or pain:

Appendix Kidney stones Crohn's disease And the following possible causes of upper left abdominal pain:

Gastritis, which is an inflammatory disease of the stomach Kidney Infections Kidney Stones Diverticulitis, which is an infection that occurs in the pockets along the digestive tract, especially in the large intestine (colon).

If you have experienced low back pain, this condition can also be caused by several conditions. Usually low back pain most often due to injuries such as poor body position when lifting heavy loads. Here are some causes of low back pain:

Tense muscles, for example when you make unusual movements or excessive movements involving the back will cause the muscles to become tense, so that the muscles in the waist can be attracted, and cause pain. Disorders of the kidneys, such as kidney stones or sciatic kidney infection, are conditions in which the nerves in the spine that connect to the nerves of the lower limbs are depressed. Here are more articles that you can read about: Causes of Left Waist Pain

If you have had low back pain then the pain is getting worse on the left side, it is possible that it could be caused by the same thing or a different cause.

The cause of low back pain that is severe and is felt to arise can occur in cases of kidney stones. Initially the pain is felt in the waist which is not so when the stones are in the kidney. However, if the stone descends into the ureteral channel (the channel that connects the kidney to the bladder), it can cause more severe pain, because the channel is small in size, and if passed by the stone can cause pain. Pain that can arise severe and pain will disappear. In addition it may also be found other symptoms such as urination disorders, for example if you have a history of sandy urine, bloody urination. If you experience such complaints, you should consult a urologist. To find out kidney stones, further tests such as additional examinations such as urine examination, renal ultrasound, or x-rays need to be done.

However, because left abdominal pain is caused by various conditions, it is necessary to do a direct examination on you to find out the possible causes. And it is better if the pain does not improve, or the pain gets worse, check with your doctor, usually very severe pain also requires immediate treatment.

In the meantime, here are some things you can do at home:

To reduce pain, you can take non-prescription painkillers such as paracetamol, ibuprofen. Use these drugs according to the rules listed on the drug. Sleep on your side and knees folded upward to reduce pressure on the waist. If possible, you can cold compress the painful part of the abdomen. Consumption of water at least 2 L per day Avoid heavy lifting activities, if you want to lift heavy objects do it in the right position If the complaint continues, severe pain you can go to the emergency room or nearest health facility. That's all the answers from us, hopefully it's useful

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