Pain In The Wrist.?

Illustration of Pain In The Wrist.?
Illustration: Pain In The Wrist.?

Nearing the morning doctor, right wrist right under my hand I feel sick almost – + 3 years old … But I was examined by a doctor all the time every time I woke up really hard really … Thank you

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Pain in the hand that you feel can indicate some of the following medical conditions:

Joint inflammation Injury to the muscles, ligaments, bones or nerves Nipple nerves Muscle pain due to excessive activity Inflammation of the muscles around the wrist area (de Quervain tenosynovitis) etc. To ensure a definite cause, of course, it must pass a direct physical examination. For that you should check yourself to a general practitioner first. If necessary, the doctor will conduct a supporting examination such as x ray, or refer you to a particular specialist according to the suspicion of the disease.

As for what you should do is:
Limit strenuous physical activity to the area of ​​pain. Avoid the habit of lifting heavy weights in areas of painful hands Cold compress the area that is painful As much as possible avoid the sequence of painful areas as much as possible If the pain is not restrained, you can consume over-the-counter painkillers such as paracetamol
That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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