Pain Like Being Pulled In The Calf Area To The Buttocks?

Illustration of Pain Like Being Pulled In The Calf Area To The Buttocks?
Illustration: Pain Like Being Pulled In The Calf Area To The Buttocks? Bing

My right leg muscles seem to be pulled from the calf to the buttocks. Just to lie down and stand up straight, my legs hurt, let alone walking. But when I sit down or I please my legs don’t hurt, when I walk my waist also gets sore and old, so it hurts because I hold my body while I feel my legs hurt and stiff. I ask for an explanation whether my disease is classified as a pinched nerve or not. the others. I thank you in advance

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Hi Dlaela,

Complaints of pain such as being pulled in the calf area to the buttocks can be caused by the following things:

Muscle pain: overactivity, cramps, previous injury history

Peripheral neuropathy: can cause stabbing sensations, pain, stinging, numbness, twitching, and cramping
Spinal cord clamping
Blood vessel disorders
Inflammation of the joints

To determine the cause of the pain you are experiencing requires an immediate examination by a doctor. In the meantime you can do the following tips:

Do relaxation
Warm up before exercise
Regular exercise 3-4x/week but avoid strenuous exercise
Get enough rest
Apply pain relief gel
warm compress
Take pain relievers if necessary

If with the tips above, the pain does not improve, you should see a doctor directly so that further examination can be carried out if necessary with blood tests, X-rays, EMG, CT scans, and MRIs to determine the cause. If the cause of the complaint has been determined, then the doctor can provide the right treatment for you.

Thanks and hope it helps,

dr. Devika Y

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