Pain Like Bruising On The Pelvis

Illustration of Pain Like Bruising On The Pelvis
Illustration: Pain Like Bruising On The Pelvis

Excuse me doc, I’m a 23-year-old man experiencing pain such as bruising after hitting a wall on the inside (right hip, right groin, and right inner buttocks close to the buttocks bone. pain in the right hip and right buttock has occurred since 11 years ago.

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Hello Cedric, thank you for asking at

Reading your complaint, the complaint can be caused by several possible conditions such as:

Injury to the pelvic / thigh muscle area
Injury to the spinal cord which plays a role in the function of the area
Spinal cord injury
Injury to pelvic bones / sitting bones
Tension in the muscles

Because complaints are felt every day and have lasted a long time, it is highly recommended to check these complaints further to a neurologist. However, due to government recommendations to stay at home and your complaint is not an emergency, you can postpone the direct examination to the time allowed or if the complaint is felt to be burdensome. If you still want to get your complaint examined as soon as possible, you can try using the specialist doctor's chat feature in the application.

In the meantime, the use of topical medication as you have done before, is allowed to continue until there is further advice from a doctor who checks you later. As for the use of pain medication as you had time to use, it should not be continued if there is no suggestion from the doctor, if you still want to take pain relievers, you can try using paracetamol as a substitute.

In addition, also avoid doing things that you feel are triggering or aggravating your complaints wherever possible. Get enough stretches and warm-ups every day, especially if you are going to exercise. Also choose sports that do not trigger your complaints, and avoid injuries to these areas.

I hope this helps.

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