Pain Medication For 7 Month Old Infants Who Are Teething?

Illustration of Pain Medication For 7 Month Old Infants Who Are Teething?
Illustration: Pain Medication For 7 Month Old Infants Who Are Teething?

Hello. Is it a pain reliever in infants who are teething. Because of his sleep too fussy always bite his finger When given breast milk he refused whether it is dangerous.

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Hi Orange,

Teething although it is a pleasant moment for parents, it is also a moment that can cause anxiety. Because eruption (growing) teeth often cause inflammation and infection of the gums (gingivitis), this is what often causes complaints of fever, fuss and do not want to eat on teething babies.

In these conditions, over-the-counter anti-pain / anti-heat drugs can be given such as paracetamol. Use medication as recommended for use and have your doctor checked immediately if the complaint persists or worsens after getting treated. In addition to drug consumption, you can also try gently massaging the baby's gums that will grow, giving special toys that are safe to bite and still provide appropriate nutrition.

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