Pain Over The Buttocks?

Illustration of Pain Over The Buttocks?
Illustration: Pain Over The Buttocks?

Want to ask the doctor .. around the top of both my buttocks, Pain. If you want to squat or look down, must be in pain. That is why yes. I am sick what my life is already 45 years.

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Pain in the lower back can be caused by several possibilities, including:

disorders of the muscles, for example muscle injuries during sports, accidents, or at work, straining muscles due to incorrect position while sleeping, sitting, or while staying in one position for a long time, etc. disorders of innervation, for example there are pins on the nerves coming out of spinal disorders in the spine, for example there are fractures / fractures of the spine, inflammation of the spinal joints, other disorders, such as infections of the kidneys and kidney stones To determine the cause, it helps you to see yourself directly to the doctor. You can go to a general practitioner in advance for an initial examination and management, if a referral is needed to a specialist, then a general practitioner will refer you to the relevant specialist.

To help overcome the pain for a while, you can take painkillers such as paracetamol and compress the affected area with warm compresses. You should also improve your sleeping position (preferably sleeping on your back on a fairly hard base), your sitting position (especially if you work a lot in a sitting position), and how you lift heavy objects (lift things from a squatting position, don't bow).

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