Pain The Front And Back Ribs Right?

Illustration of Pain The Front And Back Ribs Right?
Illustration: Pain The Front And Back Ribs Right?

Night, I married. I want to ask, it’s been two days how come my right ribs in the back and front ache / hurt when I inhale and squat. Is this a serious illness? Explanation please

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Hello Atikah,

Thank you for asking

The presence of chest pain that you feel can be caused by various conditions. What can be considered is a disturbance starting from the muscles or a disturbance in the organs around the chest and ribs that you mean. In detail, what can be thought of as the cause of the complaints that you feel right now are as follows:

There is a muscle injury in the chest area due to sports or certain physical activities.

There is inflammation of the ribs and sternum. The presence of a previous injury can also be considered. The injury that occurs can be realized or not realized.

Inflammation of the lining of the lung otherwise known as pleurisy. This condition can cause complaints of pain, especially when you inhale

Disruption of the diaphragm or respiratory muscles

Irritation of inflammatory conditions of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Heartburn, also known as gastritis, can be accompanied by this complaint. But of course also accompanied by complaints of heartburn.

There is a disruption in the lung organs. Chest pain can be caused by lung disorders, accompanied by complaints of coughing, shortness of breath, fever or others.

Impaired blood circulation

Diseases of the joints such as inflammation or known as arthritis.

Some of the conditions above can be considered and depend largely on the symptoms and type of pain you feel. If your condition has not improved and it has been going on for a long time, it is advisable to do a consultation and direct physical examination by a doctor. The severity of a disease is not only based on the symptoms it causes, but it is necessary to carry out a detailed examination, if necessary, accompanied by supporting examinations such as chest X-rays or other examinations. Thus it can be done accordingly.

That's what I can say, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Tiwi

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