Pain Transfers To The Chest, Stomach And Weakness?

Illustration of Pain Transfers To The Chest, Stomach And Weakness?
Illustration: Pain Transfers To The Chest, Stomach And Weakness?

Greetings, I am from January 2017 unstable since my father passed away. Blood pressure sometimes fluctuates and makes stomach acid irregular or healed sick. I’ve been to 5 general practitioners and 1 professor in blood pressure checks, blood checks, heart records, ultrasound. in suspect there are kidney stones but never pain in the right. at this time the feeling of often pain around the chest around and moved moved when fasting. there are even mules or want to defecate. The professor even said, this can only be cured by itself huh. What pain am I? Stress?

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Hello, tedihartoko, thank you for asking

Physical complaints such as abdominal pain, chest pain, weakness, must be examined by a doctor to find out whether there is a cause for organ disorders or not. To determine the presence of organ disorders, a thorough physical examination and supporting examinations are needed, such as blood checks, heart records, ultrasound (as has been done by your doctors). However, if according to the results of the doctor's examination (both physical and supporting examinations) there are no signs of organ disturbances, the doctor may suspect that the source of the complaint is not directly from the organ disturbance itself, but from a psychological source.

When the body is experiencing psychological stress, the body can react by releasing stress hormones and activating the nervous system which can affect certain target organs, such as heart palpitations, heartburn, stomach ulcers, joint / muscle pain that comes and goes. appear in different places, etc. When these symptoms can be measured by medical examination (eg higher blood pressure during stress), it is known as psychosomatic. Psychological stress can cause these symptoms to worsen a disease, for example high blood pressure, heart disease, or stroke can be exacerbated by psychological stress.

There is another condition called somatoform, where psychological stress can make a person feel a certain disease, but when he was medically examined, he didn't find any abnormalities. Symptoms can vary and move, such as one day he felt pain in the back, another day, in the legs, in the stomach, and when the physical examination was done, he did not find any abnormalities. People with somatoform often keep changing doctors because they feel that they are not getting better even though according to the doctor's examination, there is no abnormality.

For that, check with your doctor again. If according to the doctor who examined you, you do not have organ abnormalities, then you can ask for advice to consult about your psychological condition, either a general practitioner or a psychiatrist. The doctor will provide the right solution according to your condition.

To prevent worsening of symptoms and relieve symptoms, you can try the following:

1. Get enough rest and sleep

2. Avoid stress with relaxation, recreation, doing hobbies / things you like, practicing meditation, worship. Practice accepting and being grateful for all circumstances.

3. Exercise regularly. Consult your doctor about the type of exercise that is suitable for your condition.

4. Avoid smoking, alcohol, and illegal drugs.

5. Adequate daily fluid needs (drink at least 2 liters per day or according to health conditions) and daily nutritional needs.

That's all, hopefully it's useful.

Greetings, dr. Sarah Rizqia.

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