Pain Under The Breast Accompanied By Vaginal And Pelvic Pain In Patients With Cysts?

Illustration of Pain Under The Breast Accompanied By Vaginal And Pelvic Pain In Patients With Cysts?
Illustration: Pain Under The Breast Accompanied By Vaginal And Pelvic Pain In Patients With Cysts?

I want to ask, I am 23 years old, not married, I am sick of cysts, I have avoided abstinence from foods that are not allowed to be eaten by people with cysts, but my body has a lot of pain such as pain in the lower left breast, sometimes also in the left side bwah like likes to shrink but not every day only occasionally and also the right pelvis also sometimes cramps, and it makes it uncomfortable for sleeping to the left feels cramps even if menstruation is sick, whether it really hurts because of the cyst or other pain, please help,

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Hello Lamlas, thank you for asking at

The complaint that you are feeling right now might be caused by one of the following conditions, such as:

Viral infections Chest muscle pain Low back pain Pre menstrual syndrome (PMS) Psychosomatic urinary tract infections (UTIs) etc. Because there are quite a number of possible conditions that can cause complaints to you, you should check with your doctor for treatment. further evaluation both in terms of complaints you feel and also evaluations in terms of your physical. The doctor may also ask you to do some additional tests, such as blood lab tests, etc. depending on the results of the evaluation. After an examination and evaluation of your condition, the new doctor can determine the cause of your complaint whether it is due to a different disease condition or related to the cyst that you are suffering now. Your doctor will also determine which therapy is best for your condition, and you may also be consulted further with a specialist in a particular field to ensure that you get optimal therapy for your condition.

At this time, still follow the doctor's advice that is treating the cyst that you are consuming, you are also allowed to keep limiting foods that are thought to cause cysts on your body. You are also advised to temporarily avoid things that can trigger or worsen the emergence of complaints that you are feeling right now. If you feel the pain is getting worse or other complaints such as nausea, vomiting, fever, severe abdominal pain, bleeding from the birth canal (vagina) immediately contact your doctor or the nearest hospital emergency room.

I hope this helps.

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