Pain When Before And During Menstruation?

Illustration of Pain When Before And During Menstruation?
Illustration: Pain When Before And During Menstruation?

Is it true that a virgin and a woman who is a virgin have different pain during menstruation? A virgin has more menstrual pain than a non-virgin? Before menstruation, I already had pain starting from d-3 and my period was only 5 days but a lot of it came out on the first and second days. On the first and second days I experienced pain in the lower abdomen which interfered with my activities, I was also quickly tired and limp when I was menstruating. Is that normal?

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Pain when before and during menstruation occurs generally due to contractions of the lining of the uterus muscle (myometrium) in an attempt to expel menstrual blood. These contractions in some people can be severe enough to cause the squeezing of the blood vessels that supply the uterine wall itself. As a result, the uterine wall can experience hypoxia (lack of oxygen), and the body will respond by producing more chemical compounds called prostaglandins. This mediator plays a role in triggering pain.

Pain during menstruation is not directly related to marital status. However, the following factors can make menstrual pain very intense:

Unhealthy lifestyles, for example rarely exercise, rarely consume antioxidants, smoke, consume alcohol
Excessive stress, anxiety, panic, or fear
Have a history of certain diseases, for example:

Adenomyosis (growth of endometriosis tissue to reach the uterine muscle)
Endometriosis (growth of endometriosis tissue outside the uterus)
Fibroids (myomas, benign uterine muscle tumors)
Pelvic inflammation (inflammation of the uterus, fallopian tubes, to the ovaries), and so on

If it is true that the menstrual pain that you experience appears in a very intense intensity, which makes you easily tired, weak, and disturbed in your activities, then you should check with an obstetrician directly so that further evaluation is the best treatment to overcome it. In-depth interviews, physical examinations, and follow-up tests, such as ultrasound, your doctor can generally help you deal with your complaints.

In the meantime, you can relieve menstrual pain by getting more rest, lying on a comfortable bed, compressing your stomach area with warm water, and throwing negative thoughts away. Be diligent in exercising and always live a healthy lifestyle so that pain does not always recur and recur. As a temporary pain management, you can take paracetamol medication first before going to the doctor.

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