Pain When Swallowing Food And Red Spots Appear On The Palate?

Illustration of Pain When Swallowing Food And Red Spots Appear On The Palate?
Illustration: Pain When Swallowing Food And Red Spots Appear On The Palate?

Hello, I want to ask. Since a few days in my oral cavity there has been such pain. So I saw in the mirror yesterday that there were red spots on the top of my mouth close to the throat child. I tried to drink water but my throat was painful. On the tongue part, my tongue also has another taste of the kelat kelat. Is this a sign that you want pharyngitis or vice versa ?? please provide a reasonable explanation because I’m concerned about my health.

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Hello Farhana Azman. Thank you for your question to

Pain when swallowing or sore throat can be caused by several things. The cause that is often found is inflammation of the pharynx (also called tonsils / tonsils). Tonsil itself is included as one of the lymphatic tissues whose role is to form the immune system and fight viral / bacterial infections. Someone can be more susceptible to inflammation of the tonsils if in a condition of the body that is not fit and attacked by bacteria or viruses. Symptoms that can be felt are swallowing pain, the tongue feels bitter, sometimes it can cause fever, the body feels chills, coughing or colds, and if you open your mouth, you can see an enlargement in one or often both tonsils.

In addition, other causes that can cause pain when swallowing are:

laryngitis / pharyngitis. Inflammation in pharynx / pharyngitis can be caused by viral or bacterial infections. This disease is often found in children and adults. When seen, you can find redness in your throat (behind the throat). Symptoms are felt almost the same as symptoms of inflammation of the tonsils, it's just that there is no enlargement in the tonsils here. The risk for pharyngitis is increased in people who often suffer from colds, such as allergies, exposure to cigarettes, frequent eating or drinking that can stimulate inflammation (eg food too spicy). Pharyngitis can also occur at the same time accompanied by inflammation of the tonsils, where the throat looks very red accompanied by enlargement of the tonsils. influenza / flu. Influenza is an infection of the upper respiratory tract, due to the influenza virus. People who have this disease can feel fever, headache, weakness, swallowing pain, runny nose, decreased appetite, and cough. inflammation of the throat due to stomach acid irritation. In certain conditions, for example people who often vomit, overweight conditions, loosening of the esophagus, gastric food / stomach acid can rise and irritate the throat. In this condition, a person can feel a sour or bitter taste in the mouth, painful swallowing, and sometimes a burning sensation rises to the chest. Diseases caused by viral or bacterial infections spread through the air (when people cough or sneeze), and if someone is susceptible to breathing, the person will be infected. Treatment for these diseases is different, depending on the cause.

So, you should pay attention to other symptoms that accompany such as the presence or absence of fever and fever patterns (eg sudden high levels indicate a viral infection, or a mild fever that is felt continuously). In addition, the presence or absence of cough and the color and consistency of phlegm (whether thick yellow or liquid). Infection caused by a virus can actually heal itself when the body is back in shape. But if the symptoms are very annoying, you can try taking pain relievers and reducing inflammation, for example Paracetamol. In addition, you can also take vitamins in accordance with doctor's advice. As for bacterial infections, treatment with adequate antibiotics is needed. The doctor will prescribe antibiotics if, according to the doctor's opinion, your swallowing pain is caused by a bacterial infection.

My advice, for now you can try:

drink plenty of water (at least 8 glasses per day) increase endurance with regular physical / exercise activities multiply the consumption of fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C, eg oranges avoid foods that can irritate the throat, for example too spicy, too acidic, fried, and others. If the symptoms don't improve or get even worse, don't hesitate to see your doctor. The doctor will ask further about the complaints that you feel and will do a physical examination, including seeing the inside of your mouth.

Hopefully this is useful. Always healthy!


dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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