Pain When Taking A Deep Breath In The Right Chest?

Illustration of Pain When Taking A Deep Breath In The Right Chest?
Illustration: Pain When Taking A Deep Breath In The Right Chest?

I am 18 years old feeling pain when I take a long breath right chest hurts, ask the doctor to answer my urge immediately, thank you

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A good afternoon. Thank you for asking
Chest pain can be caused by several abnormalities that may be related to organs such as lungs, heart, digestion or anxiety. The thing that might happen is
1. An increase in stomach acid is a condition where there is an increase in stomach acid to the esophagus which is usually triggered by stress, acidic or spicy foods. Usually the symptoms are discomfort in the chest area, can feel burning, bitter taste behind the tongue
2. infection or inflammation of the lung area. This can occur with symptoms such as shortness of breath, coughing, this can be triggered by exposure to smoke, other infections.
3. Psychosomatic disorders where the actual experienced is a psychological disorder that is felt in the form of physical complaints.

To see the actual conditions that occur, it is better if you experience these things that continue and disrupt daily activities. We recommend that you check yourself to the doctor for further examination.
But if you experience the following conditions
1. Chest pain as suppressed, especially in the left chest
2. Shortness of breath
3. A wheezing sound is heard
3. Decreased awareness
Then it must be immediately taken to the hospital so that it can be dealt with the emergence experienced

To reduce symptoms is
1. Avoid prolonged exposure to smoke
2. Use a mask, especially in areas with pollution
3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise
4. Avoid foods that are too sour and spicy.

Thus the information that we can convey may be useful thanks

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