Pain When Urinating, And Bleeding When Having Sex.?

Illustration of Pain When Urinating, And Bleeding When Having Sex.?
Illustration: Pain When Urinating, And Bleeding When Having Sex.?

Hi ,? I have been attacked twice, UTI, the first I urinate is often painful, I want to urinate, and the second time I appear again, if this I often get sick and painful during BAK, then I rarely have sex, how often is it monthly? But when you have intercourse, why do you often bleed? This is the second time I have a UTI, I have had my period 3 months after the 20s, after my period I had intercourse, then my urine started to hurt, but I was just guaranteed. then I enter 4 months 12 I have intercourse but still blood comes out, then the next day my breast feels pain, 1 week after having a headache I feel dizzy and I take urethreas (isk) waking up after a nap I urinate, how come a little blood clots just a little nail tip, what’s the sign ?? This month I haven’t menstruated, I usually menstruate on the last 20s, I should have had a menstrual date, but I haven’t finished yet, but I’m a little nervous, and I took the UTI medicine only for xx, I bought only 4 seeds and already exhausted, and still sick still not recovered, actually what happened?

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Before continuing, it is important to make sure in advance where you know that you have a UTI. If you know the UTI is not from a doctor's examination, or from your experience that you have experienced the same complaint and it was diagnosed by a UTI by a doctor, it could be that you are experiencing now is not a UTI. Other possibilities that can occur in your condition include:

Sexually transmitted infections, such as syphilis, gonorrhea, chlamydiadantricomoniasis Vaginitis or vaginal infections Cervicitis or cervical infections Pelvic inflammation Kidney stones Hormone imbalances

And many other possibilities along with the course of the examination. So in your case, if indeed you have not checked yourself into a doctor, go to a doctor. Because there are so many possible diseases that can appear in the same symptom, it is not possible to diagnose the disease without a history and direct physical examination. In fact, sometimes history alone and physical examination alone are not enough, must be assisted with support such as blood tests, urine tests, x-rays or ultrasound. The diagnosis is also known, the treatment may not be haphazard. There are rules that must be met, a minimum duration of treatment, and rules of use that are specific to each drug. This makes the role of the doctor still needed, especially if independent treatment has proven unsuccessful.

But if you have already seen a doctor, you should go back to the same doctor for evaluation. Not all diseases can disappear immediately in one treatment. Sometimes observations are needed in several meetings, so control and evaluation are as important as the first meeting. Your doctor will determine whether you should add the medicine, change its type or be referred to another doctor.

In essence, the condition of complaints that you experience with pain when urinating, bleeding during intercourse, breast pain, dizziness, late menstruation, etc., are most likely to occur due to a variety of different medical conditions and it is not possible to determine it without first seeing a doctor, regardless of the doctor's first examination or control. By checking yourself to the doctor, the treatment you receive can be better and more precise.

Meanwhile, avoid sexual relations, do not consume drugs without doctor's advice, multiply the consumption of water, do not hold back urination, adequate rest, eat more vegetables and fruit. So, hopefully answering your question.

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