Painful Pain In The Vagina?

Illustration of Painful Pain In The Vagina?
Illustration: Painful Pain In The Vagina?

, I’ve been married at the age of 26 years, it’s been 4 days that the right side of the vagina is painful to the hipbone, before pain like this I had vaginal discharge, is there a cause for that n

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Hi Sella217.

Thank you for asking

Pain around the vagina to the hips that is preceded by vaginal discharge can be a normal condition due to hormonal changes just before menstruation. This condition normally appears with a light intensity and will get better by itself with the arrival and end of menstruation. This normal vaginal discharge can be clear to white, does not smell strong, does not cause itching, and also does not come out too much. Stress, fatigue, use of certain types of contraception, laziness to exercise, and certain diseases can aggravate this condition.

You can try your complaint first with the following attempts:

Get more rest, reduce first the activities that are too tiring
Compress the vaginal and painful hips with warm water, can also be accompanied by the consumption of pain relievers, for example paracetamol
Exercise regularly every 1 to 2 days
Wear comfortable pants and clothing to accommodate your movement
Keep your sex organs clean better
Stay away from excessive stress
Avoid casual sex
Stay away from cigarette alcohol

However, if the pain you feel is very intense, or your vaginal discharge is abnormal and excessive, then you should check it directly with a doctor or obstetrician. The doctor will perform a thorough physical examination, or coupled with additional tests, such as x-rays, laboratory tests, taking whitish mucus secretions for microscopic examination, pap smears (if you are married), to ultrasound if deemed necessary. This examination needs to be done to identify other possible causes of your complaints, for example:

Pelvic inflammatory disease

Sexually transmitted infections
Bartholin gland cancer
Cervical cancer
Uterine cancer, and so on

Treatment will be adjusted to the conditions underlying your complaint, for example, by administering drugs, hormonal therapy, surgery, or other therapeutic modalities.

Hope it helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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