Painless Lump On Cheek, Is It Dangerous?

Illustration of Painless Lump On Cheek, Is It Dangerous?
Illustration: Painless Lump On Cheek, Is It Dangerous? Bing

Hello, I want a consultationrnThere is a lump on the cheek when you touch it, it looks like marbles/meatballs. It’s been a long time since I remember being in junior high school until now (aged 20 years)rnI want to ask if I want to do an examination, what section of the doctor should I go to? / if it is recommended by a surgeon, what part of the surgery?rnThank you

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Hi Veravio,

Thank you for asking

A lump on the cheek that resembles a marble and doesn't go away for a long time may indicate a benign tumor. These tumors can come from various tissues around the cheeks, such as fat, connective tissue, oil glands, and so on. Some of the possibilities are:

Dermoid cyst Epidermoid cyst Sebaceous cyst Pilaris cyst Lipoma Hibernoma Hemangioma, etc. It is also possible that your complaint arises due to reasons other than benign tumors, including:

Malignant tumors, for example sarcomas, melanoma Skin infections, for example due to folliculitis (hair root infection), warts (HPV virus infection), acne (pilosebaceous gland infection by P. acnes bacteria) Skin tags Keloids (excessive growth of scar tissue after inflammation), and so you can check with a general practitioner first to determine what exactly is the cause of your complaint. Furthermore, after doing a physical examination, the doctor will refer you to the right specialist, for example to a surgeon, a dermatologist, and so on. Further investigations, such as a biopsy, may also be performed to establish a proper diagnosis.

At this time, you are advised not to hold too much, let alone squeeze or pick the lump that appears. Always clean your face using a mild cleansing soap every 2 times a day and after using the maker up. Do not apply or sprinkle anything (including medication) on the lump that appears unless it is recommended by your doctor.

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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