Palpitations, Itchy Throat During TB Treatment?

Illustration of Palpitations, Itchy Throat During TB Treatment?
Illustration: Palpitations, Itchy Throat During TB Treatment?

Hello, I am a TB treatment patient for about 40 days, and in recent days the heart has been pounding erratically, my throat is itchy and phlegm often comes out. for the drug tb I have consumed every day and have not perforated, then about the last 1 week I also often stay up late.

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Hello Septian,

Thank you for the question.

TB (tuberculosis), if it infects the lungs, can indeed cause a variety of complaints with breathing, including itchy and phlegm throat, coughing, chest pain, bleeding phlegm, shortness of breath, and so on. In addition to respiratory symptoms, TB can also cause other systemic symptoms, such as mild fever, excessive sweating, weight loss, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes. If handled properly, the frequency of pulmonary TB will improve symptoms after the first 1-2 months.

Your current condition that feels complaints in your throat can indeed indeed be the impact of your pulmonary TB disease. Your heart palpitations can occur when your body is exhausted, including after staying up late. Other factors, such as the influence of drugs, stress, excessive consumption of caffeine or alcohol, heart problems, excessive anxiety, anemia, hormonal disorders, and so on can also cause heart palpitations.

Swallowing phlegm is actually not a dangerous action. Only, of course this will make you feel very uncomfortable, so you should still not do. It should also be understood, that pulmonary TB transmission mainly occurs through phlegm, which comes out when coughing, sneezing, or spitting. Therefore, although it is not appropriate to swallow phlegm, you also should not make your sputum carelessly. It's safer if you throw your phlegm in the bathroom or a special sink separate from others. After removing any phlegm, you should flush your phlegm with chlorine liquid so that the germs in it die and do not spread to other people who use the bathroom or sink after you.

In order for your complaint to improve, we recommend that you take the following steps:

 Warm compresses on your chest that don't feel comfortable Drink plenty of warm water Don't talk or yell excessively Don't drink or eat cold, oily, or caffeinated Don't throw phlegm too hard Eat also variations in fruits rich in vitamin C Consumption of honey, broth, or ginger that can help to moisturize the throat Do not use excessive air conditioning and fans Limit out of the house, except in urgent conditions, to avoid wind, dust, smoke, pollution Don't smoke Don't stay up late Don't stress Do your TB treatment completely without oblivion, according to the doctor's advice As long as your complaint does not make you suffocate, vomit, limp, cold sweat, chest pain, or other severe complaints appear, most likely your condition is not dangerous and does not need to be immediately consulted by a doctor. Instead, staying at home is better for you when referring to the current situation where COVID-19 (a disease due to a new Corona virus infection) is running rampant. Therefore, you are advised to consult a doctor or internist only if a complaint appears accompanied by a severe complaint or does not improve with natural remedies as mentioned above.

I hope this helps.

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