Panic Attack

Illustration of Panic Attack
Illustration: Panic Attack

Doc I want to ask, is trembling, heart beating fast, weak, feeling nauseous you could say Panic Attack. The thing is I had experienced that, 6 months before I had felt it because of a situation that I didn’t want and was depressing

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Good night. Thank you for asking

In connection with panic disorders, the diagnosis is in accordance with the competence of psychiatrists where this is some important form

Panic disorders are quite common
Not related to medicine
Not related to an illness
There are no other mental illnesses

This can be a differential diagnosis like

Disorders of the thyroid hormone usually appear to beat faster, weight loss, and dryness
Ganuggan on the heart can usually be accompanied by swelling in the leg area or stomach area

This condition can be overcome by the following things like

Avoid smoking
Avoid foods that are too sweet
Get enough rest
Avoid stress
Get closer to God
Try to overcome and ask for help from those closest to you

Thus information may be useful

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