Panic When Hearing Or Seeing Blood And Syringes.?

Illustration of Panic When Hearing Or Seeing Blood And Syringes.?
Illustration: Panic When Hearing Or Seeing Blood And Syringes.?

So, I forget since when I like to be afraid and there is a tingling / spooky / fearful sensation when friends or shows talk about needles or blood. but if I’m talking or typing this I’m just ordinary. once my friend showed me an accident and also my friend told me about his experience when injected or gave birth. I was angry and panicked, I didn’t want to hear or see that again. I visualize it through my imagination, so I like to be afraid. how about that, overcome that. that’s often the problem. thanks.

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Hello Giarti, thank you for the question to

Before I introduce, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Fear that arises continuously, unrealistic, and excessive towards a good object, situation or situation that does not even threaten or cause danger can be interpreted as a phobia. These conditions can be categorized into one anxiety disorder.

These conditions can cause sufferers to experience excessive physical reactions and psychological stress. Some other symptoms that can arise are:

Physical symptoms include: Feeling dizzy and weak Feeling like choking Shaking, and feeling nervous Sweating Nausea, vomiting or diarrhea Other symptoms: Feel like losing control Fear of death Fainting. Phobia itself can reduce the quality of a person's life if the symptoms - symptoms that arise continuously and are very disturbing. Most people with phobias will avoid things they are afraid of. It might be the easiest choice, but it will only cause deterioration, or it will even increase fear and it will begin to affect your life.

Some risk factors for phobias are:

 An event / trauma in the past Prolonged stress / prolonged depression Genetic What you can do now is:

 Face your fears slowly, don't always avoid them. Look for information on dealing with panic and excessive anxiety Meditating can help you calm your mind or at least ease your fears. Join the community / people who experience excessive fear like you. There will be lots of information and experience that you can adapt to your complaints. Look for information / guidelines / read books on "Cognitive Behavior Theraphy" to help alleviate your complaints. But you need to understand now is when you should get help or come to a psychiatrist or psychiatrist:

 Intense fear that can paralyze or disrupt your daily life. Your anxiety or panic symptoms are so excessive that you and your environment are disturbed by this. You realize that your fears are excessive and very absurd. At least you have experienced interference for more than 6 months. So the answers from me, hopefully can provide an overview of your current condition.

Thank you very much.

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