Illustration of Panic?
Illustration: Panic?

Good night,. Two days ago when I was going to sleep at night, I suddenly panicked unbelievably for no reason. At first I felt like I was missing something and I looked for it, even though I also didn’t know what I was looking for. Then sweat and a little shortness of breath begin to appear. After that, I felt very sad for no reason and I cried. I have never experienced this before. Am I having a panic attack? Thank you in advance.

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Good evening, thanks for the question
Panic attacks show some severe and sudden symptoms of anxiety. Symptoms peak within 10 minutes, but can also be within a few seconds. Complaints include shortness of breath, shortness of breath, trembling, dizziness, feeling hot or cold, there is depersonalization (feeling not in the real world) and derealization (feeling not himself). While panic disorder is a panic attack that occurs repeatedly, occurs suddenly and with a very short duration.
The diagnosis of panic attack is based on the doctor's examination of specific diagnostic criteria based on the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder IV (DSM IV). It is better if the attacks tend to be recurring and very disturbing, so do further tests with a psychiatrist.
If the diagnosis has been established it is necessary to handle in the form of psychotherapy in the form of behavioral cognitive therapy and drug administration. Groups of drugs that can be chosen include anti-anxiety, anti-depressant, or anti-psychotic.
Such treatment can be
overcome the initial symptoms of panic disorder. About 30% - 40% of patients recover completely, 50% still have mild symptoms but do not interfere with the activities of daily life, and about 10% - 20% still continue to experience significant symptoms after treatment.
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