Panties With Holes And Whitish Marks?

Illustration of Panties With Holes And Whitish Marks?
Illustration: Panties With Holes And Whitish Marks?

, I want to ask. Previously I had browsed on about the topic I was looking for, but the results were not satisfactory. I’m always amazed every time I want to wash my underwear. I was surprised, why all my underwear perforated in the middle, right in the vagina. Until I had to buy new panties several times. And in the middle of my underwear is a whitish scar. I immediately suspected, with my vaginal discharge. I’m afraid something is wrong with my vaginal discharge. Because I experienced it recently. And it’s been 3 weeks. Please help.

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vaginal discharge is fluid that comes out of the vagina. Leucorrhoea can arise from various conditions, namely normal / physiological and pathological. Physiological leucorrhoea is normal vaginal discharge that occurs due to hormonal changes, such as during menstruation, stress, pregnancy, and contraceptive use. While pathological vaginal discharge is vaginal discharge arising from certain medical conditions with the most common cause being due to parasitic, fungal and bacterial infections.

Normal vaginal fluid has characteristics including clear white color, when attached to clothing in a bright yellow color, consistency like mucus (runny-thick) depending on the hormone cycle, odorless and does not cause complaints.

When the fluid that comes out of the vagina has experienced a change in color (to be milky white, gray, to greenish), smelly, a lot and accompanied by other complaints (such as itching, heat, etc.) indicates that there has been an abnormal vaginal discharge that is generally caused due to infection in the reproductive tract by various germs, fungi or parasites. No matter how severe the vaginal discharge is, it shouldn't cause the cloth to become damaged or perforated. So it needs to be reassessed, it could be that your damaged underwear is not caused by this vaginal discharge, but other factors such as the material being too thin, the reaction from the washing soap used, and others. You should consult an obstetrician for further examination, in the form of an examination of vaginal acidity, taking a sample of vaginal fluid to be seen under a microscope, analysis of vaginal fluid, and will also help if you bring samples of 1-2 of your pants that you suspect are hollow because the liquid. there are some things you can do using a pentyliner avoid wet panties, always change if the panties are already damp don't use pants or tight panties avoid stress so we can give you the info

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