Pants With Holes Due To Exposure To Fluids Such As Vaginal Discharge?

Illustration of Pants With Holes Due To Exposure To Fluids Such As Vaginal Discharge?
Illustration: Pants With Holes Due To Exposure To Fluids Such As Vaginal Discharge?

I have long been curious about this phenomenon. Not a few I have to retire early because my pants hole in the area around the groin. Some of the pants have been eroded to the side of Miss V’s front seam, some are part of the inner thigh near Miss V, too, and even the underwear has just been released from Miss V until it has a hole in the area affected by a slightly flaccid liquid such as glue, also when a lot of activities I wear jeans that are pretty tight in the Miss V area and preformed pants + jeans become perforated (the pants are directly holes, the jeans are holes like fibers eroded until the form of woven is left one way). There are other pants that can stretch the material of jeans that can stretch, not long ago used for only a few months, the area from the close of the buttocks to the inner thighs near Miss V such as being hit by sandpaper from the inside becomes thinner and stringy until finally torn, even though at the knee even the most prone to stretching and thinning is still intact. r n r n Until finally most of the collection of pants (jeans, underwear, joggers, jaggers) retired early and perforated. All that is left is a loose skirt and trousers that don’t get damaged. If for example it is torn because it is too tight it must be the stitching part that was torn first. R n r nWhat is it because the panties are easily damp? Because even though I wear tight pants, underwear must be wet, there are often yellowish stains too. Already choose pants in cold cotton, just a few hours it must be wet again. I have used pantyliner, but it can’t be maintained, why is the pantyliner messy? It can’t stay attached to the fabric. So I use menstrual pads for activities outside the house that take a long time. R n r nDo you have any suggestions? Do you need a diet or what? Does it have anything to do with me having diabetes? For leucorrhoea despite keeping the humidity by eating pads when leaving the house and wearing loose pants when at home but still a lot, what should I do? R n r nThanks to the doctor who is willing to answer.

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Pants with holes due to exposure to fluids from the vagina are not common. Vaginal fluid is acidic, and indeed to a certain degree of acidity, it can be corrosive or damaging. But the closest bodily fluids to the level of damage is only stomach acid, because indeed its function is to digest food and take the juice. The vagina should not be too acidic to damage the fabric because the vagina is naturally designed to be entered by the penis during sexual intercourse, and does not have acidity levels that are too high so that sperm cells can survive. If not, sperm cells can be damaged before fertilizing an egg.

Then, for leucorrhoea itself, this condition is actually a normal mechanism occurring in women as an effort to the vagina to remove dead tissue and bacteria. Characteristics of normal vaginal discharge is clear or slightly white mucus, and does not smell. Leucorrhoea that indicates certain diseases are usually yellowish, greenish, mixed with blood, accompanied by pain, accompanied by itching, and smells fishy. There are many things that can trigger this condition, such as fungal infections, imbalance levels of good bacteria in the vagina, sexually transmitted diseases, hormonal disorders, and parasitic infections.

So we recommend that you check your condition with your obstetrician for further examination, in the form of an examination of vaginal acidity, taking a sample of vaginal fluid to be seen under a microscope, analysis of vaginal fluid, and will also help if you bring 1-2 samples of your pants that you suspect is hollow because of the liquid. You can also choose a female obstetrician to help you correct the use of pantyliners which causes the position to change in your pants. Only by direct examination like this can you know the tendency of the disease you are experiencing and the most appropriate treatment.

Meanwhile, avoid sexual intercourse, do not use tight pants and underpants, clean the outside of the female sex organs regularly from the front back, do not insert foreign objects into the vagina without the doctor's knowledge, do not use scented or perfumed pads, and use antiseptic feminine solutions which has bactericidal and fungicidal properties. There are no dietary restrictions, and there is also no connection with a family history of diabetes. So, hopefully answering your question.

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