Pap Smear Examination Results?

Hello, I’m Leine. Want to ask the results of a pap smear like this: Specimen Feasibility: – Adequate lear for assessment – Glandular cells found – Squamous epithelial cells: superficial cells u0026amp; Intermediate Interpretation: Negative for intraepithelial abnormalities or malignancies-Organisms: Bacillus vaginalis. What the results mean. Please help with the information. thanks.

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The pap smear results show that there is no suspicion of cervical cancer in you. The organism or bacteria found, namely Bacillus vaginalis, is a bacterium that is normally present in the vaginal area. Bacteria that are normally in the vaginal area are useful to protect the vagina from infection by harmful bacteria or other organisms. Perform Pap smear re-examination every 2 years to detect early cervical cancer. If known too late, cervical cancer can be very dangerous, even life threatening.

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