Pap Smear Examination Results?

Illustration of Pap Smear Examination Results?
Illustration: Pap Smear Examination Results?

Mlm … I want to ask the results of my pap smear. R nMICROSCOPIC: r n Hypersellular application, consisting of groups and distribution of superficial squamous epithelial cells in large numbers, intermediate in large numbers, squamous in small amounts, epithelial cells with a description sitomorphogy is still within normal limits.

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Pap smear is a cervical smear examination of cytology to determine whether there is an inflammatory process until there is a risk of malignancy or uterine cancer. Pap smear is performed outside the menstrual period, to get accurate results.
Pap smear examination results, written in conclusion:
1. pap I: normal
2. pap II; atypical cells are found but do not lead to malignancy
3. pap III: precancerous lesions
4. pap IV; cells undergo abnormal changes in the direction of cancer, but are still localized not penetrating the barrier
5. Pap V; cancer, is invasive
At an early stage, no special treatment is needed, but it can be planned to prevent risky sex and vaccinate HPV to prevent the risk of HPV infection. Whereas in further cases, surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy can be done according to the patient's clinical condition.
In connection with the pap smear information that you conveyed, no abnormal cells were found or all cells in a normal bat might indicate that the pap smear results are normal. So you can do a repeat pap smear according to your doctor's recommendation. In addition, you can discuss with your obstetrician about the HPV vaccine plan for preventative measures against HPV infection and cervical cancer.
For now, you can still pay attention to several things:
1. Avoid risky sex
2. Take care of the health of reproductive organs
3. do periodic consultations with your obstetrician
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