Illustration of Paracetamol?
Illustration: Paracetamol?

Hello … n nWhy did I get it … From before Ramadan yesterday my head was dizzy I felt the pain that moved and I urinated frequently … Finally I went to a urologist and I was ordered to have a urine test, it turned out that from the urine test results I’m all okay with just a little bacteria, even after receiving the medicine thank God it’s healed, but after the medicine ran out the disease relapsed again, finally I went to an internal medicine doctor for a blood test … After my blood test the results were all good. , just says diksh is a sedative, he said it was just fatigue or a lot of college thoughts that accumulated so that I was stressed … then my disease didn’t heal, my head ached, it felt sick, it went to my stomach and my stomach didn’t feel good … and finally I went to a neurologist and the results were okay, I received pain medication, the medicine for HBs came back again .. What do you think I am sick? I’m confused about my situation? Thank you. Hello

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Wa alaikumsalam, thank you for asking at Symptoms of non-specific physical illness that a person feels, especially those that are not supported by abnormal examination results, could be a psychosomatic condition.

Psychosomatic is a disease that combines the state of mind and body, where disturbances in the mind cause symptoms in the body, and vice versa, disorders in the body cause symptoms in the mind. An easy example is a student who is stressed because of the exam, so that on the day of the exam he repeatedly feels heartburn but does not go out of the bowel movement. A physical example that affects the mind is a young woman who has severe acne, which causes her to feel stressed and depressed because of her appearance.

This condition can happen to everyone, but there is a higher risk of it in those who:

Having certain personalities such as anxiety easily. Having a family history with similar complaints. Having a prolonged mental stress

In your case, your steps have been very good by going to a doctor, even going through 3 doctors. However, because the results have been declared good, it is time for you to try to see an expert, namely a psychiatrist. There is no need to be afraid or worried because despite the stigma of people so far, psychiatrists treat various kinds of ailments ranging from insomnia, motion sickness, mood disorders, seasickness, phobias and one of them, of course, psychosomatic. Your psychiatrist will probably do some written tests on you to find out what your tendencies are. And the treatment you will receive can be in the form of therapy or drinking drugs.

Meanwhile, try to rest more, and relax at home, you can also listen to soft music, inhale aromatherapy, do yoga and sauna. We wish you and your family good health.

That's all, hope it helps.

dr. Amadeo D. Basfiansa

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