Paralyzed Body With Difficulty Swallowing After An Accident?

Illustration of Paralyzed Body With Difficulty Swallowing After An Accident?
Illustration: Paralyzed Body With Difficulty Swallowing After An Accident? Bing

Sorry, the night is disturbing. I just want to ask a question. 1 month ago, my father had an accident, and it caused a pinched nerve in the back of his head, as a result, my father was paralyzed and couldn’t move, he could only lie down and practice movement by my family. anything hurts, but the brain doesn’t respond to it.. why is that, and why is the effect that my father is now having a hard time eating because his throat hurts and he doesn’t feel good eating when he eats it.. but thank God the chapter is gone like yesterday in the form of blood, now it is in the form of feces..rnThen what steps should I take to heal my father, is there a possibility that my father can return to normal as before..rnIs there any medicine for your sore throat? me and the way so that my father can walk again..rnBecause the hands and feet are there a solution..thank you..rnSomaga I can find the solution here and the doctor b isa answers my question that I’ve been nervous about…

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Hello Larastika, Thank you for your question on

Pinched nerves or known as HNP in the medical world. HNP ( herniated nucleus pulposus ) is a protrusion of the core of the disc that cushions the spine so that the protrusion presses on the nerves . In cervical compression of the HNP on the nerves, it causes the following symptoms: headache and neck pain, tingling, and numbness in one to both arms, weakness to paralysis of the legs, difficulty urinating and defecating, starting from being stuck, difficult to urinate or defecate. , then beser .out just can not be held , sexual dysfunction or erectile dysfunction .

The pinching of this nerve causes the flow of nutrients into the nerve to slow down and over time can cause the nerve to lose its ability to conduct electricity and the nerve will eventually die, the skin may feel numb or the muscles innervated by these nerves cannot function normally.

And the sore throat experienced by your father may be caused by damage to the nerves in the neck so that the swallowing reflex is weak, and it can also be caused by other things:

Sore throat Inflammation of the tonsils Stomach acid disorder Dry throat due to lack of drinking Throat tumor It is advisable to check your father's condition to the hospital or to a neurologist. the doctor will examine your father, and carry out further treatment for your father's condition. if there is a problem in the throat outside of nervous disorders due to HNP, the neurologist will consult an ENT doctor, and usually the action taken is for your father to install an NGT tube or naso gastric tube , which is a tube that is inserted into the stomach through the nose, which serves to enter drugs or nutrients for patients who have swallowing disorders or are unconscious, to prevent aspiration or fluid from entering the lungs. and the action is carried out by a doctor, or a medical officer under the supervision of a doctor.

Some suggestions for you:

Mobilize your father to prevent back or buttocks (decubitus) from forming. Give liquid nutrition if his throat hurts. Keep your father's body clean by diligently wiping it. Follow the doctor's advice. Thank you, hopefully it will be useful. dr.Nurmarwiyah

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