Partial Memory Loss After Experiencing A Beating In The Head Area?

Illustration of Partial Memory Loss After Experiencing A Beating In The Head Area?
Illustration: Partial Memory Loss After Experiencing A Beating In The Head Area?

Hello I want to ask. Several months ago my friend experienced a beating in his head area. The beating was using a helmet, after the beating he fainted and had a nosebleed but his head was not bleeding. After examination at the hospital the doctor said the test results were good “but my friend is amnesia, he can’t remember what happened about the past 1 year and he remembers when he was about to be beaten. The doctor suggested to be treated. After 3-5 months of therapy he could only remember all of them though not 100%. Are there any cases of amnesia like this?

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Hello Dio, thank you for the question.

Trauma or injury to the head, should not be accompanied by a visible injury to the head, for example a bleeding head. When there is a process of impact on the head, even after wearing a helmet or head protector, there can still be brain injury or disturbance. This can be caused by colliding the brain with the skull. Please note, the brain can be injured if the impact force is strong enough. The brain can hit the front and back of the skull, so this can also cause injury to the brain. This disorder can cause symptoms of amnesia. But apart from this, there are several other causes of amnesia, including:

The occurrence of a stroke or a cut off from blood flow to the brain, for example due to a blockage in a brain blood vessel or bleeding in the brain.
Inflammation of the brain, for example due to a viral infection of the brain
There is a lack of oxygen in the brain, for example in people with heart problems, or carbon monoxide poisoning
Emotional disturbance after a shock or traumatic event is called Dissociative Amnesia. Usually this condition is temporary and can return after some time.

Amnesia is divided into 2 conditions, namely:

Anterograde amnesia, which is where the patient has difficulty forming new memories
and Retrograde Amnesia, in which patients have difficulty remembering past events.

Seeing so many causes of this condition, the most important thing now is to help and support your friend in his recovery. The most important thing in this case is to help maintain the health of your friend and help him to deal with the emotional and physical stress that may still occur as a result of this beating incident. However, keep in mind, if the memory condition of your friend becomes worse and does not improve, or is accompanied by other symptoms such as interference with activity, headaches that occur continuously, or seizures for no reason, immediately bring your friend for see a doctor or go straight to the Emergency Room.

Hope my explanation can help.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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