Patches Of Skin That Spread?

Illustration of Patches Of Skin That Spread?
Illustration: Patches Of Skin That Spread?

Good afternoon, I am Rizki 21 years old. Since the last 4 months I have noticed a small spot on the right chest near the folds of the arm is brown and small in size, but then I noticed that from day to day the spots are getting wider but slowly and also starting to appear new spots on my body area. Sometimes the patches feel itchy but not often, now they are the width of the circle of the fingertips. N nI remember, this spot had been there in the previous year and the doctor gave me a medicine that made it disappear. As far as I remember, the doctor also told a specialist to check it out when it appeared again. So until now, I haven’t had the chance to meet a doctor because of campus activities. What is the cause of the “patches on my skin?”

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From the information you have conveyed, any complaints of patches that appear and spread with a lighter color than the skin may be caused by a fungal infection. There are complaints of itching, especially when sweating, patches on the skin, sometimes scaling too.

Several other conditions can also describe the same complaint, such as:

1. Inflammation of the skin due to contact with certain substances

2. allergies

3. psoriasis, an immune system disorder

4. vitiligo, damage to skin pigment

However, it is necessary to do a direct examination to confirm the diagnosis of this complaint. An in-person examination can be done by visiting your family doctor or your dermatologist. The doctor will confirm the cause of this complaint and provide the necessary treatment in relation to the results of the examination obtained.

That's the information we can convey, read also skin mushrooms.

dr. Ulfi

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