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Doc, can I promote the prenagen essence of low fat with a diagnosis of PCOS?

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Basically you can only drink milk in preparation for pregnancy even though you suffer from PCOS. However, you need to know that women who have PCOS have lower fertility and chance of pregnancy than women who do not have PCOS (this does not mean women with PCOS cannot get pregnant naturally). If indeed you have done an examination to the obstetrician and your obstetrician has diagnosed you have PCOS, you should consult with your obstetrician if you have difficulty getting pregnant (already 1 year or more you and your partner try to get pregnant and have not been successful).

For your own PCOS, the most effective therapy is lifestyle changes. It is highly recommended that you go on a low-calorie diet accompanied by moderate-intensity exercise regularly every day. Weight loss is very helpful in increasing the fertility of PCOS sufferers. If you are overweight, consider doing a weight loss program along with planning your pregnancy.

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