Pectus Excavatum / Concave Chest.?

Illustration of Pectus Excavatum / Concave Chest.?
Illustration: Pectus Excavatum / Concave Chest.?

Izim asked, what kind of physical exercise is right for this disease, I want to immediately cover the basin, because it is difficult to pass the rikes or the police, thank you doctor.

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pectus excavatum is a condition in which the chest cavity looks like it has entered. Pectus excavatum is caused due to genetic influences or due to certain connective tissue diseases such as Marfan's syndrome.

Pectus excavatum that occurs not because of a disease is usually asymptomatic. Pectus excavatum cannot be treated using drugs. To determine whether the shape of your chest is pectus excavatum or not, then of course this must go through a direct doctor's examination, and additional examinations such as X-rays may be necessary if necessary.

Some actions that can improve pectus excavatum are physiotherapy. Pectus excavatum can be operated on, but it is rarely done.

Therefore, it is recommended that you check with an orthopedic specialist first, so that the doctor can examine your condition directly and can make the right treatment decisions according to your circumstances.

The following is an article that you can read about Pectus Excavatum

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