Pedis And Festering Penis Problems

Illustration of Pedis And Festering Penis Problems
Illustration: Pedis And Festering Penis Problems

Doc, my genitals more or less 2 days ago started to go to numbness and yellow fluid came out. Every time I urinated the head of the penis was pedis, but it didn’t bleed and was swollen. I had this lockdown for 2 days, I didn’t change my pants and had a chance to masturbate but wiped it with clothes that are not clean, is that included? If it is a medicine, what can I get at the pharmacy for free (without a doctor’s prescription)? Please help, a little uncomfortable and a little afraid when reading other articles on Google. If intercourse Not at all dock

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Hello B Algaza, Thank you for the question.

Symptoms of pain in the head of the penis accompanied by discharge from the penis can be caused by balanitis. Balanitis is inflammation of the head of the penis. This condition can be experienced by anyone, however, this condition is more common in men who have not been circumcised. In addition to pain in the penis and discharge, other symptoms that can occur are the penis looks red and swollen or the penis feels itchy. In general, balanitis is caused by a bacterial infection or a fungal infection, which can occur due to hygiene of the genital area that is less well maintained. In addition, this condition can also be caused by irritation / allergies for example due to the use of soap or residual detergents that are still present in clothing, side effects of the consumption of certain drugs, and problems with the skin such as eczema.

You can try the following handling:

 keep yourself clean by bathing regularly, twice a day to improve the cleanliness of your penis by cleaning the head / foreskin of each penis. Use only clean water and avoid using soap, clean the liquid that comes out of the penis with a clean cloth, change underwear regularly, avoid using tight pants. If these symptoms do not improve more than 3 days after trying the steps above, please consult your nearest GP. the doctor needs to conduct a direct examination before the doctor can provide the appropriate treatment for you.

Hopefully this information helps you.

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