Penis Itching, Pain And Pus When Urinating?

Illustration of Penis Itching, Pain And Pus When Urinating?
Illustration: Penis Itching, Pain And Pus When Urinating?

Good afternoon. You want to ask, Maybe the symptoms that I have experienced are more or less 2 weeks, but this just looks like now. The first time I felt it was like an itch in the shaft of the penis (which I felt inside, not outside) but a little bit painful when in handheld.After that a few days it has begun to disappear itching they will be, but the pain arises when urinating.I don’t know why it suddenly appears that way.I think I drink less water, because I work sitting in front of the laptop and only drink 2 cups water at work and get home. After that I tried to drink more water every day. I thought so, but only today. On 4 February 2019 when I was defecating in the office, I saw in my underwear there were yellow and green spots (position like wet, like there was liquid coming out). I tried to smell not pus, but like sperm. Later this afternoon when I went to the bathroom again to urinate I saw in my penis a milky white liquid, not thick, but like water. When I wiped with a tissue, it looked yellow. And this is what I just found out today. Never before. This is what I want to ask, am I affected by gonorrhea? If so, what should I do first. Please answer and guidance. Thank you.

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Hello Muarif, thank you for using the service.

Itching, pain, and gonorrhea are the main complaints of a disease called Gonorrhea. Gonorrhea is a disease caused by a bacterial infection of Neisseria gonorrhoeae that attacks the rectum, cervix, urethra and sperm, eyes, and throat, which can be transmitted through sexual contact, toiletries, thermometers and so on. Symptoms usually begin with a burning sensation at the tip of the urinary tract, then urinate into pain, and end with a discharge that is sometimes accompanied by blood.

Because the symptoms of gonorrhea are almost the same as those of urinary tract infections, herpes simplex urethritis, and non-gonococcal urethritis, I suggest you consult directly with a dermatologist and a specialist in order to have a thorough examination, such as a question and answer, physical examination such as an anal examination by anal to check for inflammation of the prostate, and additional tests if necessary, such as a bacterial examination of the genital fluid so that treatment can be given immediately according to your diagnosis.

The things you can do right now are:

- Not having sexual intercourse until declared cured

- Always maintain genital cleanliness

- If proven to have recovered, it is advisable not to change partners, do not have sexual relations outside of marriage, and use condoms when having sex.

Thus the information that I can convey, hopefully can help you.

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