Penis Pain When Urinating?

Illustration of Penis Pain When Urinating?
Illustration: Penis Pain When Urinating?

Why is that … The tip of my penis feels painful when I urinate, sometimes itchy, sometimes there is a white liquid coming out, default I want to pee and keep it, why?

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Pain during urination accompanied by vaginal discharge or pus from the penis can be caused by several factors. To get the right treatment it is necessary to know the cause of the complaint it is necessary to do a history and direct physical examination. However, based on the complaint, it is often related to the incidence of sexually transmitted infections, especially if you are sexually active. Some possibilities that can occur include:

Mycoplasma genitalium infection
Urinary tract infection

In the meantime you can do:

Keep the penis clean, wash after every urination
Change clothes in 2-3x one heart so as not to damp
Sexually related using a condom, given the potential for contagious exposure to a partner
Not having oral sex
Faithful with a partner and not having multipartner sex

It's a good idea to check yourself with a urology specialist, to get further evaluation and examination and get the right treatment for you. If you are married or have had sexual intercourse, your partner should be able to participate in a check-up, remembering the potential for transmission with a partner.

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