Percentage Of Cure If Dialysis

Illustration of Percentage Of Cure If Dialysis
Illustration: Percentage Of Cure If Dialysis

Doc, I want to ask. My father is being critical, and is recommended for dialysis. Can dialysis get better?

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Hello Haza, thank you for consulting us on the website.

The decision to dialysis For patients with kidney disorders is basically to help the kidneys reduce its burden in filtering the blood contained in a variety of substances needed and substances that need to be removed because it endangers the body. Because in someone with kidney disorders, has decreased function in the kidneys, so the filtering is not effective and causes some of the substances needed to dissolve in urine while the toxic substances are still left in the blood and can potentially poison the body. In patients who have lost kidney function more than 85% is strongly recommended or required to do dialysis.

The critical condition currently experienced by your father is very likely to occur because there are body wastes that are not properly disposed of by the kidneys and consequently poison the body and cause unexpected symptoms. It is very probable that the planned dialysis aims so that toxic substances in the bloodstream can be eliminated immediately and toxins that have entered the body's cells can be eliminated by the body itself with the help of medicines given from outside. When conditions are optimal, the critical period can be passed and your father will be in a stable condition.

We only explained based on your questions, but the conditions in the field certainly could not match our explanation, because we did not conduct examination and analysis of cases from your father's condition. Therefore, we can only advise you to consult further with the doctor who is treating your father.

Thus our explanation, hopefully answer.

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