Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Effect?

Illustration of Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Effect?
Illustration: Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Effect?

Hello, I want to ask what is the impact of permanently removing pubic hair? dangerous or not? and if it’s not dangerous how is the correct way to remove pubic hair permanently?

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Pubic hair actually has several health benefits, including:

In women, pubic hair can prevent dirt and disease-causing bacteria from entering the vagina
Pubic hair also serves to protect sensitive pubic skin from being easily injured and not easily irritated
Pubic hair serves to keep moisture in the pubic area and prevent fungal infections

Even though it has some of the benefits above, removing pubic hair will not necessarily cause problems in your pubic area, but you have to keep your pubic area clean better.

Until now, the most effective method to remove pubic hair is laser therapy. Another way is to use electrolysis. Both of these methods must be performed at a dermatologist and must be performed over several sessions. Both offer a more permanent solution to removing unwanted hair (it can be pubic hair, armpit hair, leg hair, or facial area) compared to shaving or waxing, but in some people the hair can still grow back. Hair growth is usually less, thinner, and lighter in color. In this case, you can still do repeat therapy to remove the hair that grows.

The side effects of both methods include skin irritation, pain, swelling, sometimes blisters can appear in the treated area. The side effects are temporary and should go away within a few days.

If you really want to remove pubic hair permanently, you can discuss it directly with the Dermatologist. It is better not to do this treatment in any place because it can be dangerous for yourself.

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