Persistent Itching During Pregnancy?

Illustration of Persistent Itching During Pregnancy?
Illustration: Persistent Itching During Pregnancy?

Hello, my name is Vina, age 22 years, I have 1 child, only 1 year old, since I was pregnant for about 7 months and above I have had itching in the stomach, thighs, sometimes other body parts, I think it is congenital pregnancy, it turns out that even when I gave birth, I was still the same, so it’s already This 1 year, I often experience hives, the symptoms are sudden bumps like a mosquito bite, but it gets bigger and bigger, itching everywhere, feet, hands, stomach, thighs, sometimes to the eyes / lips. Only the itching occurred briefly, only about 10 minutes, then it disappeared and didn’t leave a trace, the bumps didn’t always turn red, if I scratched them they turned red. But the itching continues every day. Sometimes I get itching again, I cook, watch TV too badly. I haven’t taken any medicines yet. Why do you think that is?

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Itching is a complaint that is quite disturbing in daily activities. There are various causes of itching ranging from allergies, insect bites, food, drugs, and others

Itching is also often felt by pregnant women. The following are the causes of itching that are often felt by pregnant women, including:

Pruritic urticarial papules and plaques of pregnancy (PUPPP) are skin disorders that occur when pregnancy occurs. PUPPP often occurs in the first pregnancy, pregnancy enters the 3rd trimester and multiple pregnancies. The cause of PUPPP is thought to be due to hormonal factors when pregnancy occurs. PUPPP will generally disappear on its own in 2-3 weeks along with the stabilization of hormones when pregnancy occurs. Bouncy, red, itchy rash that starts from abdominal stretch marks extending to the thighs, back, legs, hands, chest and neck, but not to the face.

Urticaria is a skin condition in the form of a red rash that can appear scattered over several parts of the body, accompanied by itching. The causes of urticaria include insect bites, allergies, drugs, environmental and weather conditions, food, and infectious diseases. Urticaria can occur in pregnant women. Generally caused by the body's hormonal influence on pregnant women.

During and after pregnancy, a woman's body undergoes significant hormonal changes. So that it often causes various kinds of changes to the skin, including acne, stretch marks, darker skin, and allergies. Allergies can appear in women after childbirth and can persist. The emergence of allergies can occur as a response to the mother's body from the fetus which previously felt in the mother's body which the mother's immune system will recognize the baby as a "foreign object", thus triggering post-pregnancy allergies. So that the response of the mother's immune system plays a complex role in the reactions that the mother is experiencing at this time.

To help relieve the symptoms of itching that occur, you can apply itch relief cream, wear clothes that don't irritate the skin, clean the area around the neighborhood where you live, maintain cleanliness and don't forget to trim your nails so the irritation doesn't turn into an infection. If necessary, you can consult a doctor directly to get the right examination and treatment. I have submitted so much information, hope it is useful.

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