Personality Disorder Or Just Wishful Thinking?

Illustration of Personality Disorder Or Just Wishful Thinking?
Illustration: Personality Disorder Or Just Wishful Thinking?

Hello. I am 15 years old. Ink is already my 3rd year experiencing this. At first like this, because of family problems my mother could not keep her words. Even though it didn’t hurt my fosik, it hurt my heart. Then when kls 6, I felt weird. Like there are 3 people in my head. For a while I became cheerful and sweet, then I became paranoid, then I became a thinker. Yes it changes if I somehow change what’s on my mind. Then entering junior high school, I had friends who were usually just playing with me. Yes, I am a little sensitive to the occult because of my magical friend [his behavior towards me]. I was at that time because I was too shy so I became someone else and hated myself [until now]. Then I was increasingly pressed with words that I thought too much, I couldn’t change myself like my parents. Then at that time I just realized the presence of one person in my head, I don’t know how I made it. all I thought about was being confident and hiding how depressed I was. Then I felt broke then empty and ended up making her, CLARA. [cheerful, cheerful, appreciates time and hides all sorrows] then because some circumstances form another. KEYRA [gloomy, mature, open, puts the interests of others first] HELEN [smiles, gentle, motherly, loves younger ones] ANDRE [smoker, rude, belittles women, hoodlums, protector, aggressive] AUDREY [manipulative, looks down on others , considers other people’s lives useless] LARASH [gentle and devout] JENNY [jutek, glasses, nerdy,] LAURA [bully, happy to see smaller people hurt] DANNY [nosy, fear of the dark, sleepy in my mind , the only child] HANA [I don’t remember him because he’s just thinking about me, I don’t want to know him either] the last one I don’t remember at all. Sometimes when I am alone I feel crowded like in the market, they are like crowded and very noisy, except for danny who is always sleeping. Right now my chest is hollow, empty, and cracked. There have been a few incidents that happened about this, and I don’t remember. Sometimes when I say “we” I am more myself than “I”. Sorry, actually there is more. Please advise

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Hello Helen, nice to meet you.

Your age is currently in a developmental (transitional) phase between children and adulthood. This took place between the ages of 10-19 years. During this adolescence there will be many changes both physically, psychologically and socially. At this time they want to be free and independent and want to show their identity, want to be separated from the influence of their parents, but on the other hand they still need support and assistance from their parents.

During this time parents often cannot understand or do not know the changes their child is going through. Parents do not realize that their child has turned into a teenager, no longer as a child who always has to be managed and helped. Therefore, conflicts between the two often occur due to parents not knowing how to deal with adolescent emotional behavior and lability. If the conflict is protracted and cannot be resolved properly, it will have a psychological impact that is detrimental to parents and the development of adolescents in the future.

Disorders accompanied by an inability to judge reality, in the form of a collection of symptoms, usually manifested by hallucinations and delusions.

Usually these symptoms can be accompanied by complaints such as:

Difficulty concentrating Restless, fearful and uneasy Angry without cause Severe suspicion Hearing people's voices that others cannot hear No appetite and unable to sleep Strange thoughts that do not correspond to reality To solve your problem thoroughly consult a doctor. Counseling should be carried out by including family, especially parents. The doctor will carry out comprehensive management, including psychosocial interventions, providing important information to families and adolescents. In this case family support is very important for your recovery.

Some tips that can be done:

Do activities or hobbies that are useful and fun. Get closer to God and pray a lot. Get involved in building associations (organizations). Hopefully this information can be useful. Best regards, Dr. Shirly

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