Personality Disorder

Illustration of Personality Disorder
Illustration: Personality Disorder

Doc sorry to ask, which category of depression do you fall into in personality disorders?

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Hello Bahtiar Hadi,

In the Guidelines for the Classification and Diagnosis of Mental Disorders (PPDGJ), depression belongs to the category of Mood Disorders (mood), not Personality Disorders. Meanwhile, personality disorders such as schizotipal, narcissistic, borderline, antisocial.

Patients with depressive disorders feel excessive sadness, causing disturbances in their daily activities and interactions with others.

The main symptoms of depressive disorder are:

Depressive affection (continuous sadness)
Loss of interest and excitement
Reduced energy, fatigue and decreased activity
Other symptoms that can appear in patients with depressive disorders are decreased concentration, decreased self-confidence, guilt and uselessness, a bleak future outlook, the emergence of ideas of suicide or self-injury, sleep disturbance, decreased appetite. Patients can also experience somatic symptoms of pain throughout the body, difficulty falling asleep, baldness, weight loss, nausea, or even vertigo and a feeling of fever as you feel.
The diagnosis of depressive disorder can be made if the examination has at least 2 of 3 main symptoms plus 2 at least 2 other symptoms for a minimum of 2 weeks duration. Sufferers also experience difficulties in work and social relationships.

Treatment for depression sufferers is comprehensive, so it is not only from administering antidepressant drugs but also to good counseling and support system therapy. If you feel symptoms of depression or find symptoms of depression in people you know, it is better to consult further with a psychiatrist.

Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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