PErut Uncomfortable, Small Bowel Movements, Often Belching And Dry Throat?

Illustration of PErut Uncomfortable, Small Bowel Movements, Often Belching And Dry Throat?
Illustration: PErut Uncomfortable, Small Bowel Movements, Often Belching And Dry Throat?

I want to ask r nI have been admitted to the hospital 2 times with typhus and also symptoms of stomach or stomach ulcers until I want to saliva continuously over time I recovered but 2 months ago I relapsed again r n my stomach started to relapse hard I felt faint when I was late to eat, right then I ate late and was taken to the hospital for the 3rd time and continued to recover r nThen now it relapsed again, the beginning of the relapse, the pain in the movement in the right shoulder, right on the shoulder, was immediately bloated and felt hard. want to pass out again for burping, it’s hard, what’s more, to pass wind r nIt’s been 3 days and I feel like I’m wringing up my stomach after eating a full feeling sometimes vomiting and burping, the pain goes around in my stomach on the left and right side of my stomach, throw it away If you have a little bowel movement, you rarely have to burp, even your throat is dry r nI checked at the clinic, he said my stomach recurred, even the same infection in the intestine was also indigestion r nI was afraid of appendicitis symptoms r nAnd what is a gastric ulcer or GERD or something like that? r nTo get better quickly and not come back again, how about

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A collection of symptoms of abdominal discomfort is called dyspepsia. This discomfort will be complained of as:

1. Heartburn, burning,

2. Stomach pain feeling twisted,

3.The stomach feels full,

4. Feel full quickly,

5. Often burp,


7. Vomiting,

8. And other gastrointestinal complaints.

This condition can be caused by diseases:

1. Gastritis or inflammation of the stomach, most commonly the result of H. Pylory bacterial infection.

2. Peptic ulcer or gastric ulcer. In addition to the complaints above, the patient will also complain of vomiting containing brownish blood.

3. Intestinal perforation or severe damage to the intestinal wall to become perforated. Although this case is relatively rare, it can also occur in complications of typoid disease. Apart from vomiting blood, the patient also complained of weakness, dizziness, lightheadedness and even fainting due to an active source of bleeding.

I can feel discomfort in you, you should consult an internal medicine doctor so you can find the cause. There are many possibilities related to your complaint, including the ones I have mentioned above. The doctor may check the condition of your upper gastrointestinal tract with an endoscopy. In addition to diagnosing the disease, endoscopy can also stop active bleeding.

Gastric treatment does take a long time, even up to 2 months, for that you need your patience in undergoing treatment. You need regular control so that your doctor can judge the success of your treatment. Besides that, you are also required to adopt healthy behavior and habits.

You can reduce nausea and vomiting by eating small, frequent meals. Avoid consuming acidic, spicy foods, coffee and other food products that can cause you allergies (if any).

Thank you, hope it's useful.

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