Pessary Ring Placement In Women Aged 90 Years?

Illustration of Pessary Ring Placement In Women Aged 90 Years?
Illustration: Pessary Ring Placement In Women Aged 90 Years?

Good day doctor … Sorry … I want to ask the installation of a pasarium ring in women aged over 90 years, what is recommended … with the condition of the org can not move normally … thanks in advance

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hello .. thanks for the question ..

ring pessarium is a medical device that is used to help refute / support the organs in the pelvis that is in a state of descent of the uterus from the normal position that should or in medical language is called uterine prolapse. uterine prolapse is a fall or fall of the uterus / uterus through the vagina that usually occurs in older women, giving birth to children who normally / often, have a history of giving birth normally with a long process or with a large baby, obesity / excess body weight, genetic, and other things. the use of pessarium can be chosen by someone who has a prolapse of the uterus who is not willing to do surgery / removal of the uterus, of course it helps in productivity or does not interfere with carrying out activities / daily activities. Based on the situation / case you are referring to, if a woman is> 90 years old and has uterine prolapse, of course it is recommended to use a pessarium if you don't want surgery. but if you can't do your daily activities as usual, you can use Pessarium and you can't. in this case the purpose of using it is so as not to disturb / uncomfortable when feeling a lump / mass out of the pubic area which can also cause difficulty to urinate and also clean it. apart from all that, in the use of a pessarium the decision goes back to each person who experienced whether to choose to use a pessarium or not. I suggest you should first check with a gynecologist for consultation and examination of the condition of the uterus directly, ultrasound, or other examinations that support so that the doctor can know how severe the conditions are experienced so that the doctor will provide solutions and appropriate treatment options. the doctor will also explain and give examples if there are various types of pessaries based on their size, shape, and benefits. things to note is that when choosing to use a pessarium, the pessarium can also be installed alone and used for many years, if the installation of the pessarium is not right it can cause irritation / injury to bleeding in the pubic area, so it is highly recommended the need for routine / regular control to the doctor.

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