PH Of Facial Skin?

Illustration of PH Of Facial Skin?
Illustration: PH Of Facial Skin?

Hello Doctor, what is the actual pH of the facial skin? Do all ages and all types of facial skin have the same skin pH? And what is the maximum face wash pH for 13-year-old combination facial skin? Is it important to balance skin pH toner for teenagers? Thank you❤️

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Hi Mutia, thanks for asking.

So the normal pH of human skin does tend to be acidic. Previous studies have suggested that the skin's normal pH is around 6.0. However, more recent research states that normal skin pH ranges between 4.5-5.5. The reason for this slightly acidic skin pH is to prevent the growth of fungal pathogens and bacteria. Whereas normal skin bacteria can grow well in slightly acidic pH. Acid coating or the so-called acid mantle aims to protect the skin from toxins, pollution, infections, and inflammation. Normally, in newborns the skin's pH is neutral (7.0) then slowly becomes acidic in the first year of life. After that, when people reach old age, the skin's pH rises again.

If the pH of the skin becomes more alkaline, which is above 6.0, then several things can occur such as:

Changes in the composition of skin bacteria. Normal bacteria will be replaced by pathogenic bacteria that cause infections, so the skin is prone to breakouts.
Skin with a slightly alkaline pH will tend to dry, easily irritated and itchy. Then you should choose facial treatment products whose pH matches the face pH. Facial soap that is too alkaline will cause facial skin to lose its acidic coating and become susceptible to irritation and infection. Also use non alcoholic facial toner because alcohol can eliminate facial moisture. The higher the pH contained in facial care products, the higher the facial pH will be. The use of tap water should also be watched out because often tap water contains a pH of around 8.0.

Then it is better to maintain the face's pH so that it remains acidic, choose facial wash and toner whose pH matches the skin. Avoid using products with alkaline pH.

Hope this helps with this answer. Regards.

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