Phlegm Accompanied By Blood But No Cough?

Illustration of Phlegm Accompanied By Blood But No Cough?
Illustration: Phlegm Accompanied By Blood But No Cough?

Hello, I want to ask, my aunt has bloody phlegm but there is no cough, if after eating I feel there is food stuck in the throat, but recover as usual after finishing eating with more than 2 hours

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Good morning, thanks for asking at Sputum blood from the body, whether it is accompanied by a cough or not, indicates there is a bleeding process that is happening. This bleeding process can take place for various reasons, including:

Pulmonary embolism Blood clotting disorders, such as hemophilia conditions Bronchitis Tuberculosis Laryngitis Cancer

Of course if this condition only occurs once, and there are no other symptoms, it is probably just an ordinary condition that does not need to be overly worried, regardless of the original cause. However, if complaints of phlegm are frequent or at least several times, whether accompanied by coughing or not, or there are other symptoms such as weakness, weight loss, or your aunt has risk factors for severe illness such as frequent inhalation of cigarette smoke or soot, having weight excess, have a history of health problems, and old age, our advice should still be checked by a general practitioner, or may go directly to a pulmonary doctor.

Through the meeting the doctor will assess the condition of your aunt and do a history, physical examination and support such as rotgen or CT scan. If no abnormalities are found, then no problem. But if there is a disease, it might be detected at this time. And if the risk is still high it is better to detect it as early as possible, not to wait for a really serious illness.

Meanwhile, tell your aunt to avoid smoking, dust and pollution, continue to meet nutritional needs, increase consumption of fruits, vegetables and meet fluid needs, and immediately consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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