Phlegm Appears But Does Not Cough Or Runny Nose?

Illustration of Phlegm Appears But Does Not Cough Or Runny Nose?
Illustration: Phlegm Appears But Does Not Cough Or Runny Nose?

Good afternoon, I want to ask about the reason I used to spit phlegm but I have absolutely no cough or cold, every day I like it, why is that and I do not smoke or drink alcohol. Please give an answer yes … Thank you

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Hi Febi,

Thank you for asking

Excessive phlegm production in the throat will often be accompanied by coughing. However, some people have a high cough reflex threshold, so it is not easy to cough even though more sputum is produced. While colds, it does not always accompany phlegm throat. More often, colds occur due to increased mucus production in the nasal cavity, not in the throat.

This increase in phlegm production in the throat can occur due to the following reasons:

Dry throat
Excessive use of vocal cords, for example when shouting or singing
Allergy or irritation, for example due to cold, certain foods or drinks, mouthwash used
Infection, often due to viruses or bacteria
Gastric acid reflux to the throat
Others, for example malignancy around the throat, impaired immunity, side effects of drugs (especially anti-hypertension), and so on

Even if you don't smoke, if you are often exposed to cigarette smoke, you are still at risk of experiencing phlegm throat.

If you experience this complaint for a long time, you should still see a doctor or ENT specialist, right? Physical examination, X-ray, endoscopy, allergy tests, etc. doctors can do to identify the best treatment for your condition. In the meantime, you should not just take medicine carelessly. Do the following tips first:

Don't talk or shout too much
Drink more warm water, try not to contain sweeteners, especially alcohol
Don't eat oily, crunchy, coconut milk, spicy foods, and those containing artificial sweeteners
Eat often and regularly, small portions
much rest
Expand also exercise
Not in contact with substances that are vulnerable to make you allergic
Do not use excessive air conditioning or fans
Use an air humidifier if necessary

Hope this helps ...

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